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The Retro-Fit Double Glazing Solution

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•  Installation is quick and easy

•  Replacement windows into your existing frames

•  Incredible benefits of genuine double glazing, at a lower price

•  Commercial solutions for: Hotels, Motels, Office Buildings, etc.


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Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Albury/Wodonga & Hobart

CALL US TODAY: 1300 766 743

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Reduce Noise, Improve Productivity

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Reduce your energy bills

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Save on heat loss and gain

CALL US TODAY: 1300 766 743

Speak With Our Friendly Staff Today!

Improve Thermal Comfort, Reduce Energy Bills

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we fit double-glazing into our existing frames?

YES! TwinGlaze Eco is the only company to fit genuine double glazed units into your existing frames. Providing your frames are in good condition (no wood rot, damage, etc.) fitting to your existing frames is not a problem. If you are not sure if your frames are ok then we can send an expert out to determine this for you.

Q. What is double glazing?

Double glazing is an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU), this is made up of two pieces of glass that are joined by an argon gas. Some people use a air gap which is filled with just that… air. Using an argon gas is much more effective. The argon gas has many great thermal attributes. The unit is then sealed to prevent any moisture or dust getting in between the glass.

Q. Will double glazing reduce my noise issues?

Absolutely! Double glazing your windows can significantly reduce noise issues. However you will need to consider other things in your business to help fully reduce any noise issues you may have, some things to consider are: Wall insulation, floor insulation, ceiling insulation, and draught proofing.

Q. What type of glass is used?

Our standard Glass unit for TwinGlaze is 22.38mm this is compromised of a 6.38mm pane of laminated glass + a 12mm argon gas gap + another 4mm pane of toughened glass, however this can be increased and customised to each individual customer depending on your requirements and needs. We have a wide range of standard obscure glass, coloured glass etc. If you require a different type of glass, you can discuss that with our consultant.

Q. What is the cost?

Retro fitting genuine double glazed glass is definitely the most cost effective way to get your business double glazed. As each window is different we do not have a standard price list. Call today for a no obligation, free quote.

Q. Will double glazing my existing windows be energy efficient and give me a higher energy star rating?

Yes double glazing your windows and doors will definitely improve your energy rating, you will be greatly reducing heat loss and heat gain though your double glazed windows, this will in return reduce your heating and cooling bills and improve your energy rating!

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 "The work on our house was completed today. I’d just want to say thatI’ve dealt with many tradesmen over many years, but don’t think I have ever had the pleasure of meeting two finer, hard-working, efficient and pleasant gentlemen as Matt & Glenn.Matt, presumably the “head-man”, in particular is tremendous.I will recommend TwinGlaze Eco to anyone I can.All the best, P.S. My wife echoes my praise and also wishes to thank you for TINTING the glass!"

William VIC

 "Whilst we only installed 2 windows in a bedroom, to see if the expense would be justified, we can already feel the difference on these colder mornings. From the initial enquiry to installation we received professional and courteous service, and all our enquiries were promptly dealt with. Would not hesitate to use TwinGlaze Eco for our ongoing renovations. Thanks Stewart and team,"

Jackie Melbourne VIC

"Recently we had our whole home unit double glazed by Stewart of  TwinGlaze Eco. Three things sum up our experience: integrity, efficiency and courtesy. The whole transaction from initial contact, to the giving a fair quotation, to completing the job and tidying up, was characterised by these three qualities. It was a pleasure to deal with such genuinely honest, capable and friendly people."

Marie VIC

 "Andrew and the team at TwinGlaze Eco did an amazing job of replacing my windows with their double glazing system. Not only was Andrew polite, responsive and efficient in all pre-sales communications, he really followed through on everything I had requested from pricing, installation and time frames that were convenient to me. I would not hesitate in recommending Andrew and TwinGlaze Eco to anybody."

Natasha David, Surry Hills NSW

Below is some voluntary feedback from some of our valued clients. It is with approved authority and great pleasure we are able to share these experiences. A proof of our company’s motto “a customised approach from the beginning will always reap customer satisfaction at the end”.

Why Use Double Glazing In Your Business?

Fit TwinGlaze Eco window and door double glazing units to your existing frames. Windows and doors are by far the most significant part of any commercial premises. They form the visual aesthetics and character; they let in light and fresh air and offer views that connect the interior of your building with the outdoors. However...

Windows can be a major source of unwanted noise as well as heat gain in summer and significant heat loss in winter.

TwinGlaze Eco 
Installation Process

The installation process is very simple. Our consultants will conduct an initial review of your existing windows and doors, providing you with a list of suitable options from our range of double glazing solutions and recommending the most cost effective solution specific to your business. Of course, we offer this consultation for free.

At TwinGlaze Eco, we strongly believe this review to be the most critical part of the retro-fit process. Since every business is different, all our energy efficient, replacement double glazing windows need to be customised accordingly and an in-depth inspection will assist us with this. The installation will be carried out by our nationally accredited technicians. Striving to become a top quality Australian manufacturer, TwinGlaze Eco carefully produces all windows in our modern factory ensuring all items satisfy our high quality standards before being ready for fitting. The process of replacing your old, inefficient glazing is quick, simple and neat. As the final step, our team will fully clean up and dispose of your old glazing as we finish off the installation process.

TwinGlaze Eco creates new possibilities for you to affordably retro-fit genuine double glazed replacement windows into your existing frames while still preserving the integrity, style and design of your household’s interiors and exteriors. This process is very economical compared to full window frame replacements.

Over recent years, energy costs have risen in Australia to unprecedented levels, leaving business owners to foot increased utility bills.

Here at TwinGlaze Eco, we noticed there was a gap in the market: a lack of cost effective and innovative retro-fit solutions for all existing commercial improvements and renovations. For windows in particular, the energy insulation provided by the standard 3 mm glass in most businesses is not sustainable anymore, resulting in inflated energy bills. Noise reduction is another serious challenge brought on by growing population levels and the increasingly urbanised environment that we all work in these days.

Thanks to the talented team at TwinGlaze Eco, installation is quick and easy, with the finished product providing you with all the incredible benefits of genuine double glazing, at a lower price.

•  Installation is quick and easy

•  Replacement windows into your existing frames

•  Incredible benefits of genuine double glazing, at a lower price

•  Commercial solutions for: Hotels, Motels, Office Buildings, etc.

Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Albury/Wodonga & Hobart

Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Albury/Wodonga & Hobart

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